Dealing With IBS-Related Anxiety

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Dealing With IBS-Related Anxiety

With Irritable Bowel Syndrome comes anxiety, or is it vise versa? Either way, there is no denying it- anxiety and stress often accompany those who suffer from IBS. Whether it triggers the symptoms of IBS or is a result of IBS, your IBS related anxiety can be treated.

One way to treat IBS related anxiety is to alleviate some of the stress in your life. Some people partake in relaxation techniques including deep abdominal breathing and meditation. The deep breathing helps to calm you down and refocus your mind on less anxious thoughts. Other people try to keep busy with activities they enjoy such as socializing, reading, or watching movies. It can also be helpful to focus on a goal-oriented activity. This could be as simple as cleaning your room, or making dinner.

The purpose is to focus less on your anxiety and more on living your life. Stretching can also aid in reducing stress from your body and mind. For instance, many yoga poses combine deep breathing, a clear head, and a focused stretch, that often aid those who suffer from stress and anxiety.

It is important that you remember you don’t have to deal with your IBS related anxiety on your own. Try talking with someone about your anxiety as well. Accept that you are experiencing anxiety and seek help. That someone could be a paid therapist, if you choose, or simply a friend that you can confide in. Talking about your anxiety and the issues that cause it can help you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones quicker than you realize!

Furthermore, a person can improve anxiety issues by getting the right amount of sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising. Being active can serve as a distraction, can help you blow off steam, and keeps your body healthy all at the same time. In fact, the endorphins released during exercise are known to improve a person’s mood. These healthy habits happen to directly affect IBS symptoms as well as reduce IBS related anxiety; therefore people suffering from IBS should incorporate these tips into their everyday lives.

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