Dodi’s Story, Part 3: A Protein Supplement for Relief From Digestive Issues

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In my past two blog posts, I talked about my struggle with digestive issues, and detailed how finding the right health care practitioners and dietary supplements led to a complete turnaround in my health.

Since following the recommendations of my holistic doctor and my nutritionist, I am stomach pain-free, and almost just as important, worry-free!

When it comes to my physical health, I no longer live with the terrible stomach aches, something I had to contend with 90 percent of the time.

As for my mental health, I don’t have the constant worry of so many things:

  • Sudden bouts of diarrhea
  • Canceling social plans and family commitments
  • Debating whether I should take that trip with my husband
  • Constantly scoping out the nearest bathroom
  • Getting “normal” energy back to live my life fully
  • Dealing with long-term effects my stomach issues would have on my health.

Seacure is pure protein supplement to help with digestive disorders.One very important element of my recovery was Seacure by Proper Nutrition – which I discovered through my nutritionist. Seacure is a protein supplement made from the fillets of white fish. During manufacturing, that fish protein is gently broken down, which makes it easy to digest.

I didn’t know it before, but protein has healing properties for the gut. Seacure works directly in the intestinal tract and reduces inflammation there – which is why I felt so much better.

I had decided to try this all-natural dietary supplement because at that point, I was desperate for relief, and was game to try something different and new. I didn’t know at the time that Seacure had been scientifically reviewed by hundreds of doctors, who reported its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms in patients with stomach conditions and other ailments.

The benefits of a natural whole-food dietary supplement

Another great thing that put my mind at ease was that because it is a whole-food dietary supplement, there were no side effects like you might get with traditional medications.

Seacure is made from pure whitefishA whole food supplement is made of a blend of concentrated, dehydrated whole foods - in this case white fish. And because they provide nutrients that are as close as possible to how they are found in nature, the body can use and absorb them better.

My nutritionist recommended I start with six pills a day, which seemed like a lot at first. But it became routine, and in a matter of four weeks, my stomach pain had subsided, and I finally felt like I was returning to my normal self!

A few weeks later, I had run out of my first supply of Seacure, and thought that maybe because I was feeling better, I wouldn’t have to take it anymore.

Well, unfortunately, I was wrong! Apparently, my stomach lining did not appreciate an abrupt break from Seacure. I started having those intense stomach pains again.

Since then, I’ve decided that I don’t want to mess with success. I started up again with six Seacure pills a day. Over time I have decreased the amount to 4 a day, since my pain is under control and I’m on more of a maintenance plan, not to mention a fixed income.

Additional positive health effects - reduced muscle inflammation and more

I also want to mention the secondary positive effects that Seacure and some dietary changes have had on my health.

First, I avoid processed and prepared foods. This I believe was a trigger for my digestive issues.

replaceCereal with oatmeal and cinnamon inthe morning is easier on the stomach and helps lower cholesterol.I mentioned in my second blog post that my nutritionist advised switching to oatmeal with cinnamon in the mornings instead of whole-grain cereal. In addition to being easier on my stomach, I had a nice surprise when I last saw my primary care physician.

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’ve had the best cholesterol results you’ve had in years!” he told me.

We reviewed my supplements and dietary changes, and it’s likely that the switch to oatmeal lowered my cholesterol as well.

Seacure helps with inflammation making it easier to execise.Seacure even helped me get more exercise. For years I’d been a walker, even a runner, and would often do yoga. But that was before I found out I have polymyalgia rheumatica – which is an autoimmune disease that causes an inflammatory in lining of the joints, and sometimes the arteries. I had a lot of muscle pain and stiffness, and it really limited my physical activity.

But I’ve learned that Seacure has been proven to relieve more than just digestive issues – it also boosts the immune system and aids muscle performance and recovery.

iStock-183354874_RT2.jpgSo…I didn’t realize that taking Seacure could also be helping to lessen my polymyalgia rheumatica symptoms. I’ve improved a lot in the last year. I’m now well enough to go to yoga class regularly, about two to four times a week!

So clearly, I would recommend trying Seacure, a protein supplement for relief from digestive issues, if you’re having stomach problems, or inflammation from an autoimmune disorder. I know it really helped me, gave me hope and realized the dream that I could live a full, happy and active life again.

Try Seacure for Better Digestive Health

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Written by Dodi Winterstein

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