Our 10 Best Blogs for Digestive Health 2017

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This week, we’re going to continue our “year in review” by looking back at the 10 best blogs for digestive health from 2017 that our readers read, shared, commented on and just generally liked the most.

And although it’s a few weeks after Thanksgiving, we want to thank you for that. Knowing what topics piqued your interest in 2017 will help us create even better content in 2018.

With that, let’s look at our top blogs for digestive health for this past year:

iStock-509864486_RT.jpg1. How Do I Know It’s IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome can be frustrating for many reasons, including the fact that symptoms change over time. People who deal with a range of symptoms are often left asking: How do I know it’s IBS?

But there is a pattern to symptoms of IBS, however, and symptoms that cumulatively support the diagnosis of IBS. This blog post looks at those symptoms and how IBS is diagnosed.

Blog_2.jpg2. What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky guy syndrome is not an official diagnosis. There’s even debate in the medical community about whether it’s a real ailment.

But readers made this one of our top blogs for digestive health this year for a reason. Alternative medical professionals say leaky gut plagues many people with common gastrointestinal problems like constipation and diarrhea.

This post looked at signs that suggest you may have leaky gut, and ways to live with those symptoms.

Blog_3.jpg3. Heartburn, Acid Reflux and GERD: What are the Differences?

The terms “heartburn,” “acid reflux” and “GERD” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to very different conditions. In this post, we explored the differences between heartburn, acid reflux and GERD, along with some ways to bring relief from these digestive ailments.

iStock-182176473_RT-1.jpg4. Dodi’s Story (Part 2): How I Discovered a Protein Supplement for Stomach Pain

Dodi Winterstein is a Proper Nutrition customer and dedicated Seacure user who told the story of how our supplements helped improve her health in a three-part series of blog posts.

In this middle installment, she talked about how she first discovered Seacure.

iStock-598146358_RT.jpg5. Tips for Eating Out When You Have IBS

We all enjoy getting the chance to dine out, but for people with IBS, visiting a restaurant can be anything but relaxing. In this blog post, we shared some tips for eating out when you have IBS.

6. The Big Deal About Bone Broth

iStock-840712310_RT.jpgBone broth is a big enough deal that it made our list of top blogs for digestive health. Our look at this health trend detailed the differences between broth, stock and bone broth, talked about how it helps soothe digestive troubles. We even included a recipe to let you make your own bone broth at home.

7. The Link Between Stress and Digestive Issues

iStock-626629360.jpgIf you feel like stress is making your digestive troubles worse, you’re probably right. Research has found a definitive connection between stress and gastrointestinal issues.

In this blog post, we looked at how different digestive troubles are exacerbated by stress, and discussed ways to manage stress.

8. Dodi’s Story (Part 1): My Struggle with Digestive Issues

iStock-184135762_RT.jpgFor some reason, the first part of Dodi’s story wasn’t quite as popular as the second, but still well-read enough to make the list of our top blogs for digestive health. This post talks about the beginnings of her illness, and how she found hope in Seacure.

9. Natural Remedies for Managing Heartburn and GERD

iStock-177268707_RT2.jpgHeartburn and GERD care caused by a lack of stomach acid coupled with bacterial overgrowth in the digestive system. This blog post explored some of the natural remedies to manage these conditions.

10. The Adult Diaper Boom: The Movement to Remove Stigma

iStock-183412250.jpgOnce marketed only to senior citizens, adult diapers are worn by adults of all ages who deal with bladder issues or gastrointestinal disorders that lead to incontinence.

In this post, we looked at the growing popularity of adult diapers, and some new features aimed at making them more accessible.

Thank you once again for reading what we’ve written his year. We look forward to exploring new avenues with you in 2018. See you there.

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