Kathleen’s Story: 30 Years of Seacure - Dietary Supplement for Cancer Treatment

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iStock-587187760.jpgKathleen is nothing if not a survivor.

She’s beaten cancer – twice – and helped her husband live with diabetes and Crohn’s disease.

And on the day that she gave this interview, she and her husband were coming off a different type of disaster: the twin hurricanes that struck Florida this fall.

Through all this, there was Seacure. Kathleen has been taking the dietary supplement since 1987, and can’t imagine life without it.

“It gives me energy, it makes me feel strong,” Kathleen said. “My hair is better, my skin is great, and I don’t look 68, by the way.”

1986: “I look like I should have been in the Olympics”

Kathleen, who has worked as a copywriter and in the electronics and investments fields, is not shy about describing herself: “Almost six feet tall, blonde, l look like I should have been in the Olympics.”

But in 1986, at age 37, she was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma. The treatment – chemotherapy, radiation and the associated anesthesia – caused her hair to thin and damaged her skin.

Then she discovered Seacure, a dietary supplement for cancer treatment. It was so long ago that she doesn’t remember how she heard about it. But her skin and her hair soon improved.


Kathleen’s husband, Bruce, also swears by Seacure’s sister product, Intestive (“He won’t be without it”), which he’s been taking for the last 10 years to help manage Crohn’s disease.

His last flare up was in 2014. It was a stressful time for the couple. They’d just bought their home in Florida. He was already there for work, commuting 40 minutes and trying to take care of the new house. She was behind in New York, trying to sell their home on Long Island.

Without his dietary supplement, Kathleen suspects her husband’s attack might have been worse. “I think the Intestive had been keeping him on an even keel,” she said.

After a few years of taking Intestive, Bruce went to a new doctor, who said he wasn’t showing the signs of inflammation you’d expect to see in a Crohn’s patient. It may be that he was misdiagnosed, Kathleen says. Or it may have been the Intestive.

“It feels like it happened to somebody else”

In 2003, Kathleen was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2004, she underwent a mastectomy and had her lymph nodes removed.

She received the “harshest chemo they use.” She had allergic reactions. The skin on her heels split and her toenails fell out.

Seacure.png“I was taking Seacure as much as I could. Now it’s 13 years with Seacure and I don’t feel like all that happened to me.”

Indeed, when Kathleen shares her health history, “people’s mouths are usually hanging open.”

“But that’s when I realized it feels like it happened to somebody else. Nobody can believe I’m almost 69, nobody can believe all that happened to me. And Seacure has to be a big part of that, because it’s the only constant that’s been there all these years.”

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