5 Facts About Fermented Foods and Digestive Health

Posted by Proper Nutrition on 9/27/17 10:45 AM

Once food is fermented it can alst a long time.

Fermented foods can play a vital role in rebalancing the gut flora and providing relief for digestive disorders.

However, every fermented food is different. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what that means, and what you need to watch for it when it comes to fermented foods.


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The Adult Diaper Boom: The Movement to Remove Stigma

Posted by Proper Nutrition on 6/7/17 11:45 AM

The Adult Diaper Boom

There was a time when adult diapers were marketed solely to senior citizens. The idea that younger adults might need them wasn’t something people acknowledged.

Those days seem to be over. Within the next 10 years, sales of adult diapers could rival or even surpass sales of diapers for babies at companies like Kimberly-Clark, which makes Huggies and Depends. Sales are projected to jump from $1.8 billion in 2015 to $2.7 billion by 2020, a 48 percent increase. Sales of diapers for babies, meanwhile, are expected to climb by just 2.6 percent.

If that sounds strange, consider these statistics regarding adults with bladder and bowel incontinence.


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Digestive Health Issues: How To Manage in Everyday Life

Posted by Proper Nutrition on 3/15/17 8:50 AM

Digestive Health Issues: How To Manage in Everyday Life

Living with digestive health issues can make everyday activities difficult.

I've been invited to go camping, but I'm not sure if there are restrooms nearby.

I have a lot of work to do. Can I schedule my meetings around my bathroom breaks?

I want to see that movie, but I don't know if my stomach is up for it.

While all of this is difficult, having a condition such as IBS or colitis doesn't have to make life impossible. There are steps you can take to manage your health troubles.


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