Will Cutting Out Gluten Improve My IBS Symptoms?

Posted by on 3/7/14 10:00 AM

Will cutting out the gluten improve my IBS symptoms?

It seems like the gluten free diet trend  is everywhere these days and is the answer to all of our problems in life, lack of energy, weight loss, better mood, right?  Well, cutting out the gluten "villain" might not magically improve every aspect of your life but it could severely improve your IBS Symptoms.

Many who suffer from IBS may have a gluten sensitivity.  This sensitivity is known as non-celiac gluten intolerance, or NCGI, that can trigger or worsen a person’s IBS symptoms.  However, it is difficult to tell if the symptoms from IBS are gluten related or not. Because there is no test for NCGI, diagnosing the intolerance has become a trial and error process in which people are testing out a gluten-free diet and seeing if it makes a difference.  Luckily, for many, it has.

Countless people who suffer from IBS, especially those who experience frequent diarrhea, have found that they not only feel better after cutting gluten out of their diets, but they also have less frequent bowel movements.  A low or gluten-free lifestyle has also shown to decrease gas and bloating.  Those who cut gluten out of their diet usually end up creating a healthier diet plan as a result. They eat less processed foods from wheat and fast food and increase meal planning and cooking with fresh ingredients.  Most people could benefit from lowering their intake of gluten seeing as the protein can often be difficult for the body to digest.

So what’s stopping you?  Give it a try and tell us if your symptoms improved!

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